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Paramount Commercial Real Estate (Paramount CRES) is a full-service real estate company. If you’ve rented space before, your realtor may have disappeared until rent was due once the contract was signed,. At Paramount, the relationship we provide won’t fizzle out simply because you’re settled into your new space. We believe in providing a variety of services other companies may not. When you invest your faith in us, we believe in returning the favor; having extensive experience in working with both landlords and tenants, we are able to provide a comprehensive list of services to both parties.

Lease Representation for Landlords and Tenants

Team Partnership

Our tenants have a variety of needs pertaining to their leases that are not limited to simple signing and renewals. Our team will partner with you to determine what will best fit your leasing needs. By utilizing our combination of knowledge and experience, we ensure that all of our tenants are satisfied with the outcome before happily signing on the dotted line.


Landlords are a very important piece of the leasing puzzle. Paramount CRES recognizes the importance of property ownership. Our team takes great pride in learning the varied needs of each tenant we manage and make sure we get the right property with the right tenant to help grown your business. 

Sales Representation for Landlords and Tenants

Tenant Representation

Tenants carry different expectations than their landlords when entering a lease, but we want you to know that we have your back. We will be your voice, advocating a position or need you require from your landlord. We’re happy to assist with lease negotiations, early termination and even subleasing.

Landlord Sales Representation

Landlords have numbers to maintain in order to remain profitable. Having sales representation from us means that we will work diligently to provide you with exceptional, reliable tenants in your open office spaces. Additionally, we will represent your name with both professionalism and discipline when working with lease negotiations.

Full Service Property Management

Day-to-day Services

It’s easy to get bogged down managing the day-to-day tasks of an office yourself, but hiring an extra hand can be expensive. That’s why at Paramount Commercial Real Estate, we employ a full-service staff so that you don’t have to.


 Need someone to mow the lawn or wash the windows? Or how about plow the snow out of your lot so that both you and clients can get to and from your office safely? We’ve built strong relationships with some of the best professionals in Omaha. Call us with your concerns so that we can offer you a helping hand in whatever you may need.


 Keeping track of the numbers might not be your favorite thing to do. At Paramount, we are happy to take care of the books for you, freeing up your time to create a new idea, bring in more business, or simply take a little time off.


It can be hard to hit your deadlines when your phone keeps ringing. Luckily, we can provide you with front office staff capable of sorting your mail, making your copies, answering your phone and any other daily tasks that might pop up.

Asset Management

Need to maximize the performance and value of your portfolio? Experienced professionals are on staff that can provide you with this service, formulating and implementing strategies that are specifically designed to work for you.

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